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While better known for lasers, MC Machinery Systems, Mitsubishi’s laser/EDM division, has sold and serviced press brakes for years. In the ‘90s they introduced Toyokoki to the US market, builders of the industry’s first electric and hybrid brakes. Hundreds remain in the field, still supported by MC’s brake service group out of Chicago. Today MC offers a broader selection from two new brake partners, Murata and Dener, ranging from small electrics to hydraulics in excess of 2000 tons.

Diamond BB

The Diamond BB is the precision electric brake built by Murata in Japan, designed by the engineering team that came over to Murata when Toyokoki ceased operations.  They are sold exclusively by Mitsubishi in America while Murata handles Asian distribution, the same arrangement both had with Toyokoki.  The Diamond BB keeps the many strengths of Toyokoki’s original APB electric brake while offering a variety of new features.

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Diamond BH

Murata’s Diamond BH features a unique system that floats the upper ram, high-speed ball screw drives, and a seamless transition to hybrid pressure just above pinch point to complete the bend. Offered from 94 to 275 tons, there is nothing else like the patented BH in the industry today.

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Elite XL

Dener is MC’s hydraulic press brake partner, offering affordable performance from 50 to 2000 tons.  While there are other Turkish built brakes on the US market, only Dener is backed with the resources of a Mitsubishi.  Like the Murata line, all Deners are supported by MC’s Chicago based parts, service, and R&D group.  The Elite XL is the most popular Dener, with an array of components not typically found on brakes in its price class.

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Smart XL

Not every application calls for a multi-axis backgauge or big screen control.  If you’re looking for a solid brake without the bells and whistles, Dener’s Smart XL fits the bill.  This model shares the same Y1-Y2 hydraulic system and frame as the Elite XL, but with a simpler control and backgauge. The result: solid performance at a reasonable price

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