Mitsubishi Fiber Lasers

With fiber lasers and automation available to 10’ x 26’, Mitsubishi has you covered.

Mitsubishi eX-F

Mitsubishi’s flagship 5’ x 10’ fiber features the new M800 control, Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head, and easy access to the cutting table.


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Mitsubishi SR-F

A lower wattage companion to the eX-F, the SR-F offers speed, simplicity, and high reliability.


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Mitsubishi RX-F

The RX-F is Mitsubishi’s 2 meter x 4 meter fiber. Like the 5′ x 10′ line-up, the RX-F is available with a variety of automation options and can be paired with an RX CO2 in a multiple laser line.

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Mitsubishi XL-F

Mitsubishi’s largest fiber features a 20’ or 26’ long table and several automation options. A 10’ table width makes the XL-F ideal for loading multiple 5’ x 10’ blanks on the shuttle tables in one handling.


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Mitsubishi Zoom Head

Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head automatically sets optimal beam diameter, focal length, and mode via a program’s cut conditions to maximize speed, edge quality, and processing range.  Head design is crucial for the performance of a high wattage fiber, and the Zoom is simply the nicest out there.


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