New Partnership Between Mitsubishi and AKS

From a humble start a decade ago Mitsubishi’s MW waterjet line grew to become one of the biggest names in the industry. The quality and performance of Mitsubishi’s MW-X3 and X4 waterjets reflected their expertise in precision wire EDM and laser cutting technologies.

So when Mitsubishi looked to hand off waterjet production to a US partner they sought a company that shared this commitment to quality. They chose AKS. AKS builds the nicest table, drive system, and beveling head in the plasma field. They will leverage these strengths in the production of the Mitsubishi waterjet line, which has been rechristened the “Water-kut” to reflect this change.

Water-kut X3

Ideal for Fab Shops

The X3 has an easy access cantilever design, standard 6’ x 12’ bed, 55,000 psi or 90,000 psi pump, and numerous options.  The X3 is the most popular model in the Water-kut series, and a great choice for a fabricating environment.

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Water-kut X4

Unmatched speed and precision

The bridge-frame X4 delivers the highest speed and precision for shops with more demanding waterjet cutting requirements. Standard features include taper control, submerged cutting and automatic touch probe with collision protection. Available in a broad size range.

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KMT Waterjet Pump

Like the earlier Mitsubishi MW series, the AKS Water-Kut line is powered by KMT pumps.  KMT (previously Ingersoll Rand) designed the industry’s first intensifier pump in the ‘70’s at their Kansas facility where they are still built today.  KMT pumps utilize a large ceramic plunger. The longer, slower stroke of this plunger moves more water with each stroke, providing longer seal life and reduced maintenance.  KMT pumps are known for reliability and speed, with sizes up to 125hp/90,000 psi.