Mitsubishi CO2 Lasers

Some talk as if the CO2 laser is a dinosaur. And if they’re referring to a traditional fast axial flow CO2 they may be right. But Mitsubishi’s patented cross flow CO2 is alive and well. It combines the thick to thin versatility of a fast axial flow with a fiber laser’s low cost of ownership. And the only place you’ll find this simplified CO2 resonator design is on a Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi eX

The eX has all the attractions of its 5’ x 10’ predecessor—the LV —including easy access to the cutting table, plus new features like a high-speed gantry. With fast cutting on sheet metal and an unmatched edge on plate, you won’t find a more versatile laser than the eX. Available at 3.5kw, the best-selling 4.5kw and 6kw.

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Mitsubishi eX-S

The eX-S is a 2.7kw version of the eX, with the same frame and motion system as the rest of the series. If you are looking for a fast, well built laser at an entry level price, this is it.

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Mitsubishi NX

The NX is Mitsubishi’s fastest CO2 laser, with the same rapid traverse as the NX-F fiber. Despite this speed, the NX has been remarkably reliable in the field. Offered with a 5’ x 10’ or 2m x 4m table, at 4.5kw and 6kw.


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Mitsubishi RX

The RX features the same feed rates and capacity as Mitsubishi’s best-selling 5’ x 10’ eX series, but in a 2 meter x 4 meter format. It’s a great value for a large footprint laser.

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Mitsubishi HVII-R

Simple, powerful, accessible. If you’re looking for a short-run laser check out the HVII-R, the latest in a venerable line of hybrid-style lasers from Mitsubishi.

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Mitsubishi VZ Series

Mitsubishi’s VZ is the most popular short-run 3D laser on the market. The VZ-10 has a high-speed, zero-offset head perfect for trimming. The V-20 sports a narrow profile offset head for thin-to-thick versatility as well as welding. Both models have wide-open access to the table, key to their productivity.

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Mitsubishi XL

Most large lasers are turtles when it comes to sheet metal. That would not describe the flying optic XL. Despite its 10’ x 20’ travel without reposition, the XL has a high-speed motion system delivering a consistent cut quality over the entire expanse. Available with 1” capacity shuttle tables, automation too.

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With 80% of the world’s install base, Tanaka has long been synonymous with gantry-style lasers. It is sold and serviced by Mitsubishi in the U.S. and now available with a Mitsubishi resonator. If you cut big parts and need better than plasma accuracy, a Tanaka laser is for you.

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Mitsubishi CO₂ Resonator

Mitsubishi’s patented resonator is the heart of all of its CO2 lasers. The unique cross-flow design combines many of the advantages of both fiber and traditional fast axial flow CO2s. Simply put, it’s the nicest CO2 resonator out there. Available  from 2kw to 6kw.

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