Mitsubishi Fiber Lasers

If you are looking for a laser that delivers maximum throughput, driven by automation that won’t slow you down, a Mitsubishi fiber is for you.

Mitsubishi eX-F

The eX-F is the fiber version of the eX, Mitsubishi’s popular 5′ x 10′ CO2 work horse.  Available at 4kw and 6kw, the eX-F offers easy access to the cutting table, the rock solid IPG fiber resonator, and Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head.


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Mitsubishi NX-F

The NX-F was introduced as Mitsubishi’s first fiber in 2012, and has the fastest motion system of any Mitsubishi laser.  Despite this speed it has been remarkably reliable in the field.  Available in a 5′ x 10′ table size at 2.5kw, 4kw, and 6kw.


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Mitsubishi RX-F

The RX-F is Mitsubishi’s 2 meter x 4 meter (80″ x 160″) fiber laser, available at 4kw and 6kw.  Like the 5′ x 10′ line-up, the RX-F is available with a variety of automation options, and can be paired with a 2 meter x 4 meter CO2 in a dual line if desired.

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Mitsubishi XL-F

Mitsubishi’s largest fiber, the XL-F can cut parts to 10′ x 20′ without a reposition.  Or load the two 1″ capacity shuttle tables with eight 5′ x 10′ blanks for hours of unmanned cutting.  Available with automation as well.


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Mitsubishi Zoom Head

Mitsubishi’s ground-breaking Zoom head automatically sets optimal beam diameter, focal length, and mode via a program’s cut conditions to maximize speed, edge quality, and processing range.  Head design is crucial for the performance of a high wattage fiber, and the Zoom is simply the nicest out there.


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IPG Fiber Resonator

Mitsubishi has selected IPG, the first and most popular fiber resonator on the market, as the engine for its fiber lasers.  The IPG features a simple, reliable design delivering the highest wall plug efficiency. As with the Mitsubishi cross flow CO2, the emphasis with IPG is on a low cost of ownership as well as performance.

An IPG is less than half the size of a comparable disk resonator.  A 6kw is shown at left on an eXF-60, with the sheet metal cover removed.